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My name is Roxanne and I am the founder of this hot club. I married my High School sweetheart and I believed we would live happily ever after. I had a supporting husband, beautiful home and a wonderful family but I was missing one important thing...SEX!!! Almost immediately after the honeymoon, our sex life went too once a week. Next it was once a month and I believe from there it went too once a quarter sex life. What was I going to do? I needed a sex fix!

I had to quickly do something. I was one horny girl who needed some deep action inside. First, I ordered sex toys but soon realized the toys couldn’t throw me up against the wall and screw my brains out. I needed sex. You know the kind that makes your toes curl and you get a leg cramp from the orgasm you just felt all over your body. My husband wasn’t willing to deliver that kind of action.

Before I knew it, I was searching outside my marriage for my fix. I needed sex, nothing else! I first began to sleep with the repairman. Next it was the delivery guy. Before I knew it, I had screwed my doctor. What can I say he gives great exams! You can only have so many repairs, packages delivered and my husband was beginning to think I needed to change doctors since I was always sick. Before I knew it, I had slept with every “safe” man I could wrap my legs around. I couldn’t continue to recycle the list because I couldn’t afford them coming attached to me and wanting a relationship. I was married!!! I finally confided with my girlfriends and we all came to the conclusion, We were in the same situation. We were all in dire need for some rough satisfying sex. We were all running out of ideas but I knew I had to do something.

I began searching online and quickly found out there were other women all across the world desperate for man companionship. I found there were men who were willing to sleep with me and my friends but we quickly ran into some Psychos. I needed to come up with a way for us to get sex on the side and meet up with safe men who were willing to just have sex!

OK Now you know what the club is all about I feel ok with you applying to join us please go to the next page!

That's when we decided to found this organization, for two reasons:

1. To help other bored, or neglected, attached women in my situation meet men and
2. Keep them safe at the same time!

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3) Most importantly, We keep them safe at the same time.

New females sign up for a membership every day and meet great guys who are very willing to please by just using this site. Now, We are in every State of this country and soon we will be in every country of the world!

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